Friday, April 20, 2018

notes: SOME PROPERTY EPSs AND P/Es (20 APR 2018)

here are the 2017 EPS and the corresponding trailing P/Es of some property stocks in the PSE using the latest prices:

ALHI: eps: 0.56 ... at 14.68 ... P/E is 26.21 x ...
CLI: eps: 0.86 ... at 4.51 ... P/E is 5.24 x
DD: eps: 0.4472 ... at 31.55 ... P/E is 70.55 x
IDC: eps: 0.22 ... at 5.02 ... P/E is 22.82 x
PRMX: eps: 0.0388 ... at 4.11 ... P/E is 105.93 x
ROCK: eps: 0.3442 ... at 1.97 ... P/E is 5.72 x
SHNG: eps: 0.703 ... at 3.13 ... P/E is 4.45 x

Thursday, April 12, 2018



what i watched today: SMC/SAN MIGUEL CORPORATION (12 APR 2018)

San Miguel's Ramon Ang says his plan is to list as many as 5 of their business units and eventually delist the parent company thereafter! 

starting from: 17.30

ceteris paribus: JFC/JOLLIBEE FOODS CORPORATION (12 APR 2018)

ceteris paribus ... at jfc: 2017 eps: 6.494 ... present price (11 April 2018): 289.60 ...  current p/e: 44.60 ... price assuming 15% eps increase: 333.04 in one year after today ...

*Ceteris paribus can be translated into "all other things being equal" or "holding other factors constant." This means that while considering the effect of one economic variable on another, all factors that may affect the second variable are held constant. 

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

ceteris paribus: forward 2018 earnings

jfc: 2017 eps: 6.494 ... present price: 289.60 ... current p/e: 44.60 ... price assuming 15% eps increase: 333.04

mwide: 2017 eps: 0.70 ... present price: 21.65 ... current p/e: 30.92 ... price assuming 10% eps increase: 23.815

what i read today: Are we in a bear market? Should I sell my stocks now? (11 APR 2018)

 / 05:07 AM April 10, 2018

The answer to this question dictates what we should do given current market conditions. If we are in a bear market, we should sell all our stocks as we can expect even larger drops going forward that could last for a prolonged period of time. If, on the other hand, we are merely suffering from a major correction, we should already prepare to accumulate stocks as the magnitude of the current drop is becoming significant enough and a recovery can be expected in a shorter amount of time.
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stok tots: ON PSE DISCLOSURES (11 APR 2018)

last sunday afternoon i dropped by a discord stock market chatroom .. i am a member of the chatroom but for a long time na i have not been present (even in my presence hindi naman ako nagpaparticipate .. lurker lang ako lagi) ... this time since walang trading i tot of participating in their discussion ... altho ang nangyari e i was in the hotseat so to speak kasi matagal na ako wala sa chatroom and madaming hindi nakakakilala sa akin and they tot of asking me questions ...

isa sa question nila ay: anong mga disclosure sa pse (edge) ang binabantayan ko at binibili pag lumabas ang ganitong disclosure?

altho di naman lagi na tumataas ang price following the disclosure ... i follow disclosures on stocks with regard to:

1. stock splits
2. change in name/change in corporate purpose
3. change in par value
4. mergers and acquisitions
5. proxy plays

maybe meron pang ibang disclosures but these are the ones in my mind at that moment kasi ...

tinatamad ako now to discuss each of the above mentioned disclosure but someday ill explain why i follow closely these kinds of diclosures and their price movement implication on the concerned stock but suffice it to say that these are the disclosures in the pse which i am interested the most in reading aside from the quarterly and annual reports of companies ...


Maintain HOLD. We have a HOLD rating for IMI with a fair value estimate of Php18.10/sh.

- Daily Notes, COL Financial, 11 April 2018

* HOLD Stocks that have a HOLD rating have either 1) attractive fundamentals but expensive valuations 2) attractive valuations but near-term earnings outlook might be poor or vulnerable to numerous risks. Given the said factors, the share price of the stock may perform merely in line or underperform in the market in the next six to twelve months.