Friday, October 19, 2018

notes: on the so called "8k rule" (19 OCT 2018)

i have been reading about this so called "8k rule" and napundi na din ako .. so in an FB post just now ... here's what i answered a bagito guru-guruhan teaching about the wisdom of the so called "8k rule" ;

kung naniwala ako jan sa 8k rule na yan hanggang ngayon maliit padin pera ko kasi nghihintay ako ng 8k to trade .. i started investing in 1991 .. i started with 2k pesos .. i bot 2k shares of ANS at 1 peso per share ... in 6 months i doubled it ... and i was on the way to my 1st million .. im 8 figures now trading million peso positions .. and im thankul wala akong inisip na 8k rule then to stop me from trading my barya money .. if you think of barya .. you will earn barya! just trade!