Sunday, April 12, 2015

what i read today: What You Can’t Learn From Your Heroes (12 apr 2015)

"I enjoy studying the top performers in business and finance. They’ve been some of my greatest teachers. But I’ve learned that it’s only helpful when I can figure out how to apply the lessons to my own situation. Learn about your heroes to gain perspective and even motivation. Just don’t take your hero worship too far. You still have to make your own decisions and be the best version of yourself you can be."

Saturday, April 11, 2015

legacy's 52-week highs (11 apr 2015)

legacy (leg for short) ... finance manila (FM) occasional poster and desert storm (DS) chatroom member daily shares stock tidbits in DS's chatroom ... among those bits of info are the stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) with the highest and lowest closes for the past 52-weeks ... with his permission .. id like to post here the stocks on their 52-week highs based on their closing prices as of FRIDAY, 10 april 2015 ...:

Friday, April 3, 2015

quick stats: 2014 ALI/AYALA LAND INC (03 apr 2015)

outstanding shares:  14,675,337,138

retained earnings: 66,478,250,00  pesos

revenues 2014: 95,197,046,000 pesos
revenues 2013: 81,523,070,000 pesos
% change: 16.77%

net income attributable to equity holders of ALI 2014: 14,802,642,000 pesos
net income attributable to equity holders of ALI 2013: 11,741,764,000 pesos
% change: 26.07%

last closing price (01 apr 2015): 40.00 pesos
earnings per share: 1.05 pesos
trailing price-earnings ratio: 38.1 x

source of data: Financial Report 2014

chart monitor: SECB/SECURITY BANK CORPORATION (03 apr 2015)

secb chart as of 27 mar 2015 
(click on the chart to enlarge)