Tuesday, August 27, 2013

just charts: quikie (27 aug 2013)

phisix chart as of 12 pm lunchtime, 27 aug 2013 
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what i read today: Getting on the Path to Greatness: “Talent is Overrated” Review (27 aug 2013)

 Whatever it is you like (or love) to do, the fact that you don’t hate it means you probably have the basic tools — and so there’s no reason you can’t get better, maybe a lot better. And so, at the end of the day, there is simply no real excuse for not being great.

Greatness requires dedication and sacrifice, period. Being good at something requires a fair amount… being great requires a huge amount. If you truly desire greatness — or simply to be great at what you do — then much sacrifice is required.

 Is it true that talent is overrated? Well, yes. Based on these findings, absolutely. But that doesn’t mean talent plays no role in success. It simply means that having some modicum of talent (whether imparted by genes or favorable early developments) is often a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for success. That lack of sufficiency, i.e. talent alone not being “enough,” or even anywhere close to enough, is an absolutely critical point.

It’s no statistical accident, for example, that the less flashy “work horses” of the baseball and basketball worlds tend to have longer careers than their flashier co-players, thanks to a tighter regime of working hard on the fundamentals to make up for lesser natural gifts.


Monday, August 26, 2013

what i read today: We were right, and it sucks (26 aug 2013).




HOW: With a massive "pocket picnic" get together

WHEN: 26 August 2013, 9am

WHERE: In front of the LUNETA Grandstand


STATUS/MEME/TWEET: I am *NAME* PINOY ako. I pay my taxes, on-time & in-full. YOU, my government, owe me a full explanation. @ProtestaNgBayan

HASHTAG:#TayoAngBoss #OnePinoy #MillionPeopleMarch #ProtestaNgBayan

No group banners. No political colors. No Speeches.
Just ALL OF US ordinary, tax-paying people showing GOV'T THEY ANSWER TO US. TAYO ANG BOSS DITO.

We need this outrage, anger to reach critical mass. SPREAD THE WORD. REPOST."

'Yan ang Power ng Pinoy!

"PASINTABI na po , pasasalamat, at pahiram sa kung sinoman po ang nagdisenyo ng KAMAO na unang ginamit sa "Pass the RH Bill" Campaign. Angkop-angkop po lamang para sa protesta kaya naglakas-loob na po kaming gamitin. SALAMAT PO NG MARAMI."


video: Michael Covel 002: The Urban Legends of Stock Trading (26 aug 2013)


just charts: LTG/LT Group Inc (26 aug 2013)

ltg chart as of 23 aug 2013 
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in the news: gtcap, mbt (26 aug 2013)

Power shift
After selling a 20-percent stake in power generation unit global Business Power Corp. (GBPC) to Orix Corp. of Japan for P7.15 billion last June, the group of taipan George Ty is likely to consolidate the remaining stake held by the Metrobank group into conglomerate GT Capital Holdings.
Metrobank, through investment banking unit First Metro Investment Corp., has a remaining interest of 29.11 percent in GBPC, which means that it can still unlock more than P10 billion (based on the pricing of the most recent deal with Orix) in extraordinary gains this year by selling the residue to the parent.
The banking unit can choose to defer the sale to GT Capital until next year so as to cushion the expected decline in net profit next year after this year’s hefty extraordinary gains. But our sources say the more likely scenario is to complete the restructuring this year ahead of the implementation of stiffer capital adequacy ratio requirements under the Basel 3 framework.
The prospective transfer of the remaining stake in GBPC to parent firm GT Capital, which already controls 50.89 percent of the power-generation unit, relieves Metrobank from large capital calls inherent in a capital-intensive business like power generation. It also allows the Metrobank group to focus on its core business of banking, whereas previously serving as the de facto holding firm for the Tys’ non-allied businesses. GT Capital now aptly serves such purpose.
This 2013 is also the year that Metrobank could end the year as the most profitable bank in the country, dislodging Bank of the Philippine Islands. Full-year net profit this year is widely expected to exceed P20 billion, partly due to one-time gains from the sale of shares in the car and power-generation businesses. Doris C. Dumlao

Saturday, August 17, 2013

stok tots: agi, meg, sun, emperador (17 aug 2013)

this i mentioned in the financemanila chatroom yesterday:  ...

assuming its an emperador purchase by sun ... di kaya agi and meg should also be having their own price actions by now with the 3rd day ceiling close by sun?

agi owns 100% of emperador ... isnt it the value of emperador will be unlocked with a bakdoor via sun?

also ...

meg owns 42.48% of sun ...
agi owns 25% of sun

moreover .. agi owns 58% of meg ..

so surely .. on both sides of the equation .. whether the emperador side or the meg and sun side .. agi and meg should be benefiting from the emperador-sun rumour?

pero bakit down pa nga both agi and meg last friday?

or mali to assume?

just charts: JFC/Jollibee Foods Corporation (17 aug 2013)

jfc chart as of 16 aug 2013 
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what i read today: The 10 Best Things I Learned About Investing This Summer (17 aug 2013)


more about warren buffett (17 aug 2013)

 key components to Buffett's investment process are:
  • Simple, understandable, businesses within his circle of competence.
  • A track record of strong earnings and returns on equity.
  • A "fair" price (meaning that he's careful not to overpay, but isn't tethered solely to bargain valuations).

Thursday, August 15, 2013

stok tots: trading and poker (15 aug 2013)

Investing and trading bear another important similarity to poker in this way: The profitable practitioner does not care if you “believe” he is profitable. He has no need to justify the theoretical merit of his actions to an observing academic audience. He just goes on doing the hard things that his opponents do not do, or don’t know how to do, and makes a lot of money and is satisfied.


just charts: AGI/Alliance Global Group, Inc. (15 aug 2013)

agi chart as of 15 aug 2013 
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what i read today: A Simple, Helpful Guide to Overcome Consumerism (15 aug 2013)


question and answer: jfc (15 aug 2013)

Good evening sir,

Want to ask jfc kung magpupull back pa ba,?at what is the price to buy?

Tnx in advance

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

i love the movies: sana dati take 2 ... (06 aug 2013)

well, well, well, .. the movie "sana dati" won best film in the cinemalaya awards night ... minsan ko lang napanood .. hopefully ipalabas ulit sa up film center or sa regular theaters ... shet talaga ... ang gaing  (see: i love the movies: "sana dati" (01 aug 2013) )

more about the movie here:


Saturday, August 3, 2013

tot for the day: riding the wave ... but nope .. not elliott's wave (03 aug 2013)

If we consider markets as an ocean of information, trading consists in finding a small but meaningful  and recurrent wave (or better, many waves) out of this ocean and to ride it until it changes direction. Spotting the wave is only half of the game, building an algorithm to ride it is the other half.

stok quikie: IPO/iPeople,inc 1Q2013 (03 aug 2013)

1Q 2013 eps:  .1959
1Q 2012 eps: .1592
% change: 23.05%
last traded price: (02 aug 2013): 11.60 pesos
forward p/e: 14.80 x
book value per share: 3.66 pesos
capital stock 748,933,221
retained earnings 1,676,581,830


what i read today: The Buffett Formula - How To Get Smarter


tot for the day: The One Thing That Makes All The Difference For Trading Profitably (03 aug 2013)

 “It’s not whether you’re right or wrong that’s important, but how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.” -George Soros 


Friday, August 2, 2013

just charts: SM/SM Investment Corporation (02 aug 2013)

sm chart as of 02 aug 2013 
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tot for the day: Charts Are Never Bullish Or Bearish – People Are (02 aug 2013)

Statements of the form "the chart of XYZ is bullish (or bearish) because of this one indicator or that one indicator or that trendline over there or that nice pattern forming" show a remarkable – but also naive –  attempt by the part of those who make them to turn post hoc analysis into forecasting. In most cases, the decision as to whether the chart is bullish or bearish is not even related to the state of indicators or any chart patterns but to the cognitive bias of the analyst.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

i love the movies: "sana dati" (01 aug 2013)

was not able to finish trading this afternoon (well actually i had nothing to trade ... haha ... nood lang ako ng tiker) ... i was in a hurry to catch a movie date with lovi poe @4 pm sa trinoma ... nope .. i did not watch a movie with her .. i watched her in a movie .."sana dati" ... jerrold tarog's entry to the cinemalaya film fest...

i really had no intention of watching anything in the weeklong movie fest ... but somehow i opened my laptop early this morning to scan over the latest updates in my blog list ... and i saw jessica zafra's remarks on "sana dati" ... well .. if ok kay jessica zafra ... it must really be good .. so go ako knowing already that its a love story (well .. i just love love stories... yep .. i know .. im cheap)

its a must see movie ... para sa mga mahilig sa love stories involving "star-crossed lovers" ... inevitable na one will be reminded of past loves ... mga babaeng iniyakan (kung preference mo e lalaki .. e di mga lalaking iniyakan) ...  at inakalang sya na ... pero sabi nga ni sari sa "the mistress": ... di dahil gusto mo ... makukuha mo ..." .. pota ang ganda .. kakaiyak ...

first time ko panoorin si lovi poe .. iba dating ... parang walang kamera sa harap nya ... kaka-inlove ...

.... sori .. hindi ito movie review ... feel ko lang magpost about the movie ...

what i read today: The Four Horsemen of the Failed Trader (01 aug 2013)


di pa huli ang lahat: cinemalaya screening schedule (01 aug 2013)

di pa huli ang lahat ... relax .. watch a movie ...

cinemalaya screening schedule