Thursday, August 15, 2013

question and answer: jfc (15 aug 2013)

Good evening sir,

Want to ask jfc kung magpupull back pa ba,?at what is the price to buy?

Tnx in advance

my reply:

stocks dont trade one way only .. it goes up .. it also goes down ... so surely ... it will pull bak .. but we dont know when .. we only know AFTER it has already pulled bak ...

what price to buy? i dont do that kind of thing .. i only buy when the chart says it is time to buy ..

right now .. buying would be gambling .. u can still make money .. but the risk of profit taking is higher now ..

if u read my blog .. or u drop by the jfc thread of finance manila ..u can follow my posts on jfc ... ill be hinting naman if it is less risky na to buy .. its all about risks ..

goodluck and tnx