Sunday, January 10, 2016

chart monitor: ALI /AYALA LAND, INC. (10 jan 2016)

ali as of 08 jan 2016 
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stok tots: whats ur take on .... ? (10 jan 2016)

"what ur take on ... ?"

thats the usual question one is asked by other traders ...
and one is sure that the person who asks is a "newbie"
why? a "newbie" always asks ..
a trader .. he trades

there is nothing wrong if one asks ... 
one gains more knowledge by doing so
tho one is still a newbie

but a newbie who does not ask ...
but just trades ..
is still a newbie ..
no matter if he does not ask

Friday, January 8, 2016

stok tots (08 jan 2016)

i was scrolling through stock market forums this morning and one remark (by a veteran stock trader at that ... mag nine years na siya sa forum na iyon) struck me ... it might be seen as a typical remark (it IS a typical remark) but it made me realise that they see stock prices as something that has value behind it .. when in fact it is just a number like any other number ... that it should be treated like it is .. a number ...  a number ... to be traded .. to be bought.. to be sold ...

malabo ba? anyways .. basta .. hahahaha ..

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

stok tots: Stock Picks for 2016

i got a private message from a fellow member of finance manila ... i guess its ok if i share it also (and my reply) with readers of this blog ...


Happy new year to you. Sana puputok na lahat ng mga stock picks mo sa January.

If you can share to me. What are your selected stocks for 2016 and why? Mas magaling ka sa research kaya mas maganda kung mag tanong nalang ako sayo. If you can give me your hint, i will just research before i put money on it. It will all be my responsibility. Just share your blessings.

Thank you..

my reply:

hahaha happy new year den ...

unfortunately .. wala akong stock pick na matatawag ... tapos na yung panahon na meron akong naitatagong stock picks talaga ...

pero eto lang mais-share ko ...

fjp .. tingin ko meron pa itong itataas for january .. proxy trade for powerpoint ... i had this since 3 pesos thereabouts .. altho i took some profits from 7.30 pataas .. i still have this ... and depending on the ipo of pointwest .. pwedeng pataasin pa if ever after mag ipo ..

pointwest .. mataas yata yun ipo price .. 30+ yun p/e ... pero hindi ko tantya kung may growth pa sya .. so depending on the growth prospects ... possible na tataas ito ..

wenceslao ... gusto ko sana sya .. pero mataas pa din ang p/e kahit na binabaan yun price ...

med ... pataas pababa ... buy lang pag bumba ...

sfi ... same din .. pataas pababa .. buy pag bumaba


eto mga old reliables ko na ... buy pag bumaba .. sell pag tumaas .. 10% lang siguro kita ..



so far eto pa lang ... short term lang stock picks ... election year .. so it depends on the winner of the elections kung tataas ang market ...

good luck and happy new year ulet!

chart monitor: GTCAP/GT CAPITAL HOLDINGS, INC. (01 jan 2016)

gtcap chart as of 29 dec 2015 
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