Sunday, December 20, 2015

stok q/a: FJP/F & J Prince Holdings Corporation (20 dec 2015)

a reader of finance manila asked me a question yesterday ...

Sir shoyu, what is your strategy? Are you strict in following macd crossover, sts buy signals? Or just try to buy near supports ( which is 5 )?

my reply:

hi lovelace ... 

i advocate the macd crosover and sts buy signals ... for the others ..

pero actually i use a modified form of the macd/sts choochoo ...

having said that ... for fjp this instance ... ang gagawin ko lang e buy as near as 5 as possible ... bakit? 5 seems to be the support as of the moment (hindi na sya original breakout situation unlike nung august) ... pero buy pa den even if umabot ng 6 (im praying na tataasan nya 7,70 next round nya ... )

if nothing comes out of this .. sell ako 4.50 (and still come out with a profit .. as i still have some fjps bought at 3-3.50 levels) .. 

good luck!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

stok tots: LFM/Liberty Flour Mills (03 dec 2015)

lfm went up 26.87% today ... AFTER the ex-date of the 71.4286% stock divided! wtf? at the closing price of 34.00 ... p/e is now 35.43 (annulisaed 2015) ..

wrong move for me ... i sold a majority of my shares yesterday at 44 - 46