Saturday, July 11, 2015

legacy's 52-week highs (11 jul 2015)

legacy (leg for short) ... finance manila (FM) occasional poster and desert storm (DS) chatroom member daily shares stock tidbits in DS's chatroom ... among those bits of info are the stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) with the highest and lowest closes for the past 52-weeks ... with his permission .. id like to post here the stocks on their 52-week highs based on their closing prices as of FRIDAY, 10 jul 2015 ...:

today's rant: the sin tax really does not aim to prevent something .. it is simply to raise money! (11 jul 2015)

Even with higher taxes, smoking still prevalent as smokers shift to cheap brands

for as long as an existing economic activity is still profitable to carry out, it will continue to exist ... which means .. bottom line ... the sin tax law is really not to prevent people from smoking or drinking (simple lang naman .. if u aim to prevent .. then make it illegal!) ... it is simply for the power monopolizers to raise money from consumers ...