Saturday, August 17, 2013

stok tots: agi, meg, sun, emperador (17 aug 2013)

this i mentioned in the financemanila chatroom yesterday:  ...

assuming its an emperador purchase by sun ... di kaya agi and meg should also be having their own price actions by now with the 3rd day ceiling close by sun?

agi owns 100% of emperador ... isnt it the value of emperador will be unlocked with a bakdoor via sun?

also ...

meg owns 42.48% of sun ...
agi owns 25% of sun

moreover .. agi owns 58% of meg ..

so surely .. on both sides of the equation .. whether the emperador side or the meg and sun side .. agi and meg should be benefiting from the emperador-sun rumour?

pero bakit down pa nga both agi and meg last friday?

or mali to assume?