Friday, April 6, 2012

when do i buy? - 2

a member of the finance manila stock market forum sent me a pm the other day ... here it is verbatim and my reply ... i tot it is a good follow up on an earlier post about when to buy ...

Sent: Tue Apr 03, 2012 10:35 am
Sir xxx,

saw from the blog that you guys are eye-ing AGI for a re-entry, may I ask what indicators you look at to confirm or at least to affirm yourselves that it is bound for a reversal already? I am looking at SMDC parang beat down rin sa kanya.

Thanks :)

hi ...

check this out ...

if today agi closes green and tomoro another green day ... a small initial position may be establised the next trading day ... just set up ur cutloss price ... if u cant wait buy today a small position then just add as the price continues to advance. i always look at the macd and the histogram ... look at the macd today of agi ... if the histogram changes direction ... then u may buy ur initial position.

see agi macd last 10 feb ... then look at the price action after that ... thats what i look for when i buy my initial position ... gives me maximum profit possibilities

smdc's chart seems ok na for initial entry ... set ur cutloss point ... then just add as the price moves up until u fill ur target volume ... adjust ur cutloss as the price goes up.


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