Wednesday, December 19, 2012

non-stok tots: when love begins (18 dec 2012)

was surfing channels yesterday evening after just coming home from the moviehouse watching the hobbit - watch it now while u still can! if ur a tolkien reader ... im sure ull love tolkien more ... and peter jackson! that man's a Genius ... with a capital "G" (maybe ill post something on the hobbit movie one of these days)  ...

... and i happened to chance upon an old aga muhlach-anne curtis movie .. "when love begins" ... at the philippine box office channel ... ive passed up on watching this before .. as im no aga muhlach fan ... but then anne curtis looked so fresh and so "nene" pa that i decided to continue on watching the movie ... it was nothing extraordinary .. just a regular filipino romance .. only ... anne curtis' character and dialogues with aga's character reminds me of similar real life word exchanges ive recently been in ... like  ... :

"no demands, no expectations, no commitments. let’s just enjoy each other while we can..
"It doesn't mean that to show someone you care, you need to harass her with love and affection."
... and some dialogue about texting bak and not returning calls (ben complaining to mitch) ... sooo funny when i recall how many times ive been there ... done that ... and so many more exchanges ...

im no "ben caballero" ... but yep .. ive met my "mitch valmonte" .. only .. my story's ending was quite different from ben's and mitch's ..

i tot anne was great here .. better than on her recent movie "no other woman" ... or maybe bobo lang yung director at script writer ng "no other woman" ..