Sunday, September 8, 2013

just charts: GTCAP/GT CAPITAL HOLDINGS, INC. (08 sept 2013)

gtcap chart as of 06 sept 2013 
(click on the chart to enlarge)


1. gtcap closed lower last friday@760.50 after peaking@812 intraweek  ... 

2. the macd histogram and the sts are both pointing down ...

3. it would seem that the surge from the bottom@685 the previous week has topped@812 .. and that profit takers have already called it a week for the meantime ... 

4. i guess it would be more prudent for waiters like me to just watch by the wayside for the moment ... waiting for more encouraging signs from the histogram and sts in the coming days (for example .. when these indicators hug the x-axis of the chart and then change direction and start pointing up ... )

for an explanation of the indicators ... click: here 
for reference .. you may also want to read: my trading rules

p.s. readers are encouraged to check out the stocks' charts themselves .. using the values for each of the indicators (the values for the indicators are the default values used in's charts) ... in the absence of any personal charting program, the pse website's charts are enough for the purpose