Monday, April 21, 2014

just charts: TA/ TRANS-ASIA OIL AND ENERGY DEV (21 apr 2014)

ta chart as of 21 apr 2014 
(click on the chart to enlarge)

1. the macd histogram > 0; is higher

2. the sts > 80 (oberbot); the sts is higher 

3. resistance: 2.48-2.50

4. ta breached the 2.28-2.30 resistance today ... reaching 2.44 intraday before finally closing @2.41 ... its possible that short-term traders have been starting to sell as ta's sts is now at the oberbot level from its lows of 1.93 ... so profit taking should not be a surprise in the coming days ... a breach of the 2.48-2.50 .. that would be a surprise .. but then ... who knows? 

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p.s. readers are encouraged to check out the stocks' charts themselves .. using the values for each of the indicators (the values for the indicators are the default values used in's charts) ... in the absence of any personal charting program, the pse website's charts are enough for the purpose