Monday, August 18, 2014

PAX/PAXYs, INC. (18 aug 2014)

pax chart as of 12.00 noon, 18 aug 2014 
(click on the chart to enlarge)


1. pax gaps up at the open (3.07) on news of a tender offer @3.20 .... doing 3.12 at noon break ...

2. supports: 3.00; 2.91/2.92 ....

3. possible profit taking by early positioners ... trading @ around the 3.20 tender price also possible in the coming days .... speculation is on what happens next after the tender offer .... 

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p.s. readers are encouraged to check out the stocks' charts themselves .. using the values for each of the indicators (the values for the indicators are the default values used in's charts) ... in the absence of any personal charting program, the pse website's charts are enough for the purpose