Tuesday, October 20, 2015

stok tots: possible VLL-STR merger? (20 oct 2015)

villar is thinking of merging vista land with starmalls ... will there be possible price action on these stocks based on this news?

quick stats: 

outsstanding shares: 8.426 billion shares
market cap: 68.9 billion pesos
last price.: 8.18 pesos

assets:30.5 billion pesos
liabilities: 9.35 billion pesos
equity: 21.19 billion pesos
retained earnings: 13.08 billion pesos

book value: 2.32 pesos
eps (annualised): .08
p/e: 100 x (???)

outsstanding shares: 8.395 billion shares
market cap: 45.83 billion pesos
last price.: 5.46 pesos

assets:118.8 billion pesos
liabilities: 62.5 billion pesos
equity: 56.2 billion pesos
retained earnings:28.3 billion pesos

book value: 6.61 pesos
eps (annualised): .74
p/e: 7.38 x

source of data: PSE website

between vll and starmall ... str is obviously more expensive  .. possibly str's present price already reflects insiders' knowledge of the possible merger and they are saying ... vll will buy str ... and vll will be the surviving entity .. or vll will buy str's assets and make str a shell to be sold ... i dont know ... will watch what happens next 

i dont have vll nor str presently