Monday, February 6, 2012

today's log (6 feb 2012)

sold entire marc position .. will surely buy bak later ..
bot additional pnx ..
bot some secb ...
bot some cybr

pse traded nicely today ... it is possible that the reason for the price action is that another generous dividend will be declared soon ... based on the 3Q2011 fianancial statement .. pse has unappropriated retained earnings of 407M pesos and cash of 970M pesos ... with a capital stock of 61M shares and an acs of 97.8M shares .. @1 peso par .. pse can declare at least a 50% stock dividend and/or a 6 pesos regular cash dividend. altho im not that optimistic that a stock dividend will be given this year. pse cash dividends previously had march ex-dates. op kors ... i may be wrong.