Friday, February 3, 2012

today's log (3 feb 2012)

was not able to monitor in the morning ...

sold my last spm's .. abacus still buying ... i think i know who it is ..
cut my uni ... should just have been satisfied with my profits before ..
was quite active in irc's counter ...
gambled some change ... bot some cip's @ the ceiling
alhi went up 15% with negligible volume ... closed at 22.50 .. i think its highest close ever ..
marc had quite some trades today ... closing @ 2.68 but intraday reached 2.85 ...
atr crossed 25M shares of pnx ... interesting

cant wait for monday's session

p.s. more and more assholes are showing how big their dicks are .. tsk tsk .. think they can impress .. only earns pity and contempt ... <sigh>