Thursday, March 29, 2012

my stock picks for the coming weeks (29 mar 2012)

a member of the finance manila stock market forum who claims to be new to stock trading sent me a pm just tonite asking about the stocks im looking at for the short term (the coming several weeks) ...

if there is anybody reading this blog for the past months, the reader would have noticed a few recurrent favorites ... to cut the bs short, here they are and my reasons for holding them:

1. web - 20% stock divs exdate: 30 april 2012
2. fdc - east west bank listing: 7 may 2012
3. fph - rockwell land listing: by 14 may 2012
4. alhi - 100% stock divs ... no exdate until now
5. scc - expectations of a more than 10 pesos cash divs by may 2012.

if in life, the only things sure are death and taxes ... in stock trading ... the only things guaranteed are trading fees and losses. but in the 5 listed above ... im betting 1 peso they will reward me my 1 peso back and a few centavos more for my effort.

as always ... trader beware!

now let's make some money :)

p.s.: these are my stock picks and my money ... not stock recommendations to anybody. ;)