Saturday, March 31, 2012

what i dont (31 mar 2012)

i dont think in terms of/i dont use:

1. trendlines
2. channels
3. patterns (with certain exceptions)
4. fibonaccis
5. cost averaging
6. elliots
7. parabolics
8. retracements/dips
9. "bull'' or "bear" markets

i don't

1. like to catch falling knives
2. predict the future
3. set tps
4. do blind/naked trading: no plan, no trade (there are exceptions to this rule)
5. care about the dow nor the p6
6. daytrade (ok ... in exceptional cases ... sometimes i do daytrade)
7. shortsell
8. over analyse: i try to always remember  ... i make my money by trading ... not by analysing
9. like to keep things complicated nor think that the more sophisticated or more technical sounding the better
10. try to fool myself and be in denial when things dont go my way

*always subject to change without prior notice :)

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