Friday, February 15, 2013

question and answer: what is the "ostrich pattern" (15 feb 2013)

question: what is the "ostrich pattern" ?

answer: the ostrich pattern is when an indicator (example: macd histogram, stochastics) is already so oversold that it is hugging the floor of the chart and looks similar to an ostrich burying its head beneath the sand ... the ostrich pattern is the primary trading indicator of finance manila member shoyu_ramen ... the term "ostrich" was coined during a chatroom discussion by the technical analysis experts (TAE) of the finance manila stock market forum and general desert storm's chatroom (specifically mr. ron, mr. tmac, mr. legacy... guys, did i miss anyone?) ... 

... it is the opposite of the "inverse ostrich pattern"

source:  The Ninja Stock Monitor: RCB (12 feb 2013)

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