Friday, February 8, 2013

question and answer: re macd, sts, rsi etc (08 feb 2013)

i got this private message last night from a member of finance manila stock market forum .... made me realise i assumed too much about the readers of the blog:

Sir xxx

i was reading your blog and I am an avid reader of it. Though i don't understand much of the terminology. 

i have read books about investing before but most are based loosely on buffetology principles and they are very different from the terms that I read in your blog.

I find it hard to understand some concepts like macd, stochastics, and relative strength index...

is there a good book you can recommend? To be honest it's very confusing LoL... :?: 

Thank you for your kind consideration. 


well .. here was my reply to him;

hi ..

1. for starters .. you can look up the terms online in ..

2. you can view some videos in youtube .. the links you can find in this blog ..

3. you can always ask me via pm here or u can chat me in ym .. 

good luck