Friday, February 8, 2013

i love the movies: soul surfer (08 feb 2013)

i just finished watching the movie "soul surfer" sa hbo ... just a so-so movie .. but made me teary-eyed watching it .. mababaw lang siguro talaga luha ko ..  it is a movie about surfing ... life ... love ... and believe it or not ... trading ... im still searching the net for the quotes or the script .. there's one quote by bethany's dad ... towards the end of the movie ... about not riding just any wave that comes ones way ... about waiting for "your" wave ... whether in stocks or girls ... or anything in life ... there is that one trade .. that one girl ... that will rock your world bigtime ...

by the way .. two of my stocks rocked my world today ... alhi and mb (sold part of my mb for some magnum ice cream treats ... we he he)

shabbat shalom .. tnx for visiting the blog!

p.s. angeli .. you rock my world! i miss you!