Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Ninja Stock Monitor: APM (27 feb 2013)

selected technical indicators of PSE-listed stocks 

26 feb 2013 closing prices 

apm (alcorn gold resources)  

c: .158(+)
s: .155, .151, .147
r: ..160, .162 
vol: (+)
macd: (+)
macd histogram: (-)
macd histogram direction: (+)
rsi: 62.49(+)
sts: 72.38(+

for an explanation of the indicators ... click: here 

1. apm closed higher; with above average volume ... 
2. the histogram is still below 0 (no buy signal yet) but it is approaching (and is near) the 0 threshold ... the rsi and sts are both pointing up .. .. still in the trading zone (below oberbot levels) ...
3. i guess atat na atat na mga apm holders .. one broker in the brokerage house i trade with has been txting me regularly for updates (imagine!!!? ako pa tinatanong e sila dapat may advanced info .. hahahaha .. tsk tsk .. dami siguro hawak mga clients nya) .. almost 3 months na since the special stockholders' meeting approving the amendments to its articles of incorporation ... including the change in name to cosco capital inc ... i undersrtand it usually takes a minimum of 3 months for the sec to act on these things ... march is the 3rd month so siguro kating kati na yung mga daliri ng mga tao ..
4. monitor lang ako .. request lang kasi ito ng mga chatmates ... malapit na mag buy signal mga chong .. whether nasa buy side or sell side kayo ... dapat gayahin ang mga boy scout: LAGING HANDA!!!

achtung: ingat lang sa mga bulungero (yung idol mo tmac ha.. ha.. ha!)

for reference .. you may also want to read: my trading rules

p.s. readers are encouraged to check out the stocks' charts themselves .. using the values for each of the indicators (the values for the indicators are the default values used in's charts) ... in the absence of any personal charting program, the pse website's charts are enough for the purpose