Monday, February 25, 2013

The Ninja Stock Monitor: JFC (25 feb 2013)

selected technical indicators of PSE-listed stocks 

22 feb 2013 closing prices 

jfc (jolibee foods corp)  

c: 128(+)
s: 122.50 (intraday low), 120 (psych support), 110.90/110
r:  128 (intraday high), 130 (psych resistance)
vol: (+)
macd: (+)
macd histogram: (+)
macd histogram direction: (+)
rsi: 78.92(+)
sts: 95.28(+

for an explanation of the indicators ... click: here 

1. jfc has been aggressively advancing in price this past week ... quite unlike its characteristic lethargic daily price action ... it closed @its highest ever @ 128 ... a 52-week high on a friday close ..
2. the macd histogram is up ... both the rsi and sts are already @oberbot levels ...
3. im not trading jfc .. all of my shares are in certificate form .. im just starting to monitor it now for a possible initial trading position ... just waiting for the histogram to tell me when ...

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p.s. readers are encouraged to check out the stocks' charts themselves .. using the values for each of the indicators (the values for the indicators are the default values used in's charts) ... in the absence of any personal charting program, the pse website's charts are enough for the purpose