Thursday, May 3, 2012

my stock picks for the coming weeks (03 may 2012)

with the recent disclosure of a 12 pesos cash dividend by scc (ex-date: 24 may 2012), and its recent price run-up, i'm now taking scc off my list of "stock picks for the coming weeks" (see: )

this does not mean i'm selling the stock or that i already sold it.  nor am i saying that scc wont appreciate in price anymore. im just saying that my reason for buying it has already materialized.

here is my updated "stock picks for the coming weeks" :

1. smph - 25% stock div, 29 centavos cash div; ex-stock/ex-cash: 21 may 2012
2. loto - 50% stock div, ex-stock: after 23 may 2012 asm 
3. fph - rockwell land listing
4. alhi - 100% stock divs ... no exdate until now

note:  these are my trading notes for my reference only ... by no means are these to be taken by the reader as recommendations to buy or sell.