Saturday, May 12, 2012

my stock picks for the coming weeks (12 may 2012)

rockwell land has been successfully listed yesterday (i already sold all my tradeable rock divs from my tradeable mer .. which i likewise sold already (on ex-div day) .. will just keep some rock divs in certificate form from the my certificated mer shares). in this regard, im taking fph from my stock picks list (see: my stock picks for the coming weeks (03 may 2012) since my reason for holding it has already come to pass. i sold all my tradeable fph with commission loss .. it was not a successful speculative operation on my part.

im also dropping smph from the list ... the ex-stock, ex-cash date is nearing and i dont see much price appreciation anymore in the coming days for a trade to be profitable in my view ... liit na lang siguro profit if ever. not another trade im proud of.

that leaves only loto and alhi on the list for the moment. both issues exhibiting strange movements the past weeks ... both are illiquid .. the exceptions to all the tatang stocks listed in the pse (well  ... reg and feu are also illiquid but they are not on my list presently).

btw ... my "stock picks for the coming weeks" are basically for position trading (medium term: weeks to months gestation) ... the ninja stock monitor on the other hand contains my picks for possible technical (short term: days to weeks gestation) trading. if by any chance a stock is on both lists, then it means i have a core position and i have a trading position on the stock.

p.s. an excellent short read on technical trading: John Murphy's Ten Laws of Technical Trading altho i dont use murphy's nos. 4,5 and 10.