Monday, June 4, 2012

my stock picks for the coming weeks (04 june 2012)

im keeping my two picks from my last stock picks post of 12 may 2012, namely loto and alhi (see: my stock picks for the coming weeks (12 may 2012) ... loto for its 50% stock dividend which was recently approved in the asm altho no ex-date yet .. while alhi for its 100% stock dividend. alhi management declared a 48 centavo cash div (ex-cash: 13 june 2012) to alhi shareholders ... but could be just 24 centavos if the 100% stock divs gets ex-dated ahead of the cash divs. alhi asm will be on 28 june 2012. alhi trailing p/e @40 pesos is 16.60x

im adding mwide to the list ... mwide has been advancing the last few weeks ... altho trailing p/e now @17.70 is 26.03x .. im having a strange feeling in my gut about it (possible generous stock divs altho last year the 30% stock divs of mwide was ex-dated towards the end of the year still)) ... asm is on 26 june 2012 ...

to recap ... my stock picks ..

1. loto
2. alhi
3. mwide

incidentally all are tatang stocks ;)

p.s. to my one and only faithful reader ... as my former comrades in the underground say in times of temporary retreat: active defense!