Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Ninja Stock Monitor (mjc, 31 jul 2012)

selected technical indicators of PSE-listed stocks
these are my trading notes for my reference only
by no means are these to be taken by the reader as recommendations to buy or sell

c: closing price
s: support
r: resistance
vol: volume (+ above 5dma; - below 5dma)
macd: moving average convergence divergence
rsi: relative strength index
sts: stochastics
rem: remarks
unch: unchanged
(+): higher
(-): lower

31 july 2012 closing prices

mjc (manila jockey club)

c: 2.35 (+)
s: 2.30 (intraday low)
r:  2.50
vol: (+)
macd: > 0
macd histogram: < 0
macd histogram direction:(+)
rsi: 49.71 (+)
sts: 28.33(+)
rem: altho macd is still >0, macd histogram seems to indicate that the bottom (2.30) has already been reached ... entered initial position yesterday .. added some more today ... will monitor closely ... will add some more if there is continuing positive price action ... warning: highly speculative

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