Sunday, July 1, 2012

my stock picks for the coming weeks (01 jul 2012)

for these coming weeks .. im looking at the following issues with my reasons for choosing them:

1. sevn: on 24 july 2012, sevn will have its annual stockholders' meeting, with the approval of a stock dividend declaration on the agenda. however, its not clear how much will be declared ... only that the capital stock will be increased from 400M to 600 M.

im thinking sevn will be quite active (actually it has already been quite volatile the past 2 weeks with large foreign crosses) leading to the asm.

2. mih: mih's stockholders in the recent asm authorised management to: a. divest its shares in two of its subsidiaries; b. look for new acquisitions to replace the two subsidiaries to be sold (im looking at an acquisition with payment to be made in mih stocks .. thereby carrying out a backdoor listing via a share swap);  and c: conduct a stock buyback of around 28M mih shares at a minuimum price of mih's book value.

mih has already made quite some move, closing last friday (29 jun 2012) at 2.60 (it is reported that mih's book value stands presently at 2.50 per share). im looking at further price volatility as new developments regarding the planned divestments and prospective backdoor listing unfold.

3. atn: i have no other reason for buying atn (i started buying last may @1.69) except that when i asked my brokers about why the brokerage house has been buying almost every trading day .. their innocent response was: client order (wahahaha).

i have no target prices for all these picks .. im just dependent on price action to show me the way.