Thursday, April 18, 2013

today i commemmorate my own .. meet my idol day (18 apr 2013)

its quite a rare opportunity to meet one's stock market idol face to face ... but this was exactly what happened to me two years ago today, 18 april 2011, when my trading muse .. my goddess of the markets ... sat in front of me to talk stocks ...

and to commemmorate that event .. i make this day ... and every april 18 after today, my meet my idol day ..

here is a link to a series of posts i made in the finance manila stock market forum at that time: 

just a caveat tho, the trading rules shared in those 2011 finance manila posts may no longer be current ... like .. presently, she now also uses fundamental analysis in her trading, as she is now a stock analyst on the consumer sector of a local brokerage house ... 

for more about my idol ... just click this youtube link:

an enjoyable trading day ahead of us!!