Wednesday, April 24, 2013

there is a disturbance in the force ... finally! pckh (24 apr 2013)

just a short remark:

i noted some unusual price action the past days in pancake house ... last thursday (18 apr 2013) .. da market securities bought up pancake house from below 8 pesos and closed it at around 9 pesos with not the usual pancake house volume (note: pancake house rarely trades) ..

yesterday ... lucky securities, golden tower and again da market securities combined and bought up pckh to a high of 12 pesos before some bastard sold it down to close it @11.50

i sense a disturbance in the force .... but i like it :)

pckh was 1 of 2 stocks i mentioned to fellow traders august/september 2012 that i said were my stock picks for 2013 .. the other was cirtek (chips) .. however chips only just weeks later surged ahead to around 12 pesos and even to a peak of around 29 pesos february this year ...

will be monitoring pckh closely ... baka meron pa sumunod na price action ...

always wear ur parachute!

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