Saturday, May 11, 2013

stok tots: travellers' international/TI (11 may 2013)

travellers international  (TI) has already filed a registration statement with the PSE for a possible ipo to be conducted within the next 3 months ..

Travellers International Hotel Group, as the Genting and Alliance venture is called, filed to sell 1.49 billion shares at a maximum price of 23.38 pesos, putting the total deal at 34.8 billion pesos ($854 million), added IFR, a Thomson Reuters publication.
The IPO is expected within the next three months and the final size of the deal might change, IFR said.

per AGI's 2012 anual report, travellers had a net income of 6.73 billion pesos

hmmm ...  

travellers 2012 net income = 6.73 billion pesos
1.49 billion shares to be offered
assume the 1.49 B shares for IPO is just 30% of total outstanding shares
so .. total shares is 1.49B shares / .30 = 4.97B shares .. lets make it 5B shares
eps = 6.73 B pesos / 5B shares = 1.346 pesos per share?
ipo max price per share: 23.38 pesos
TI p/e =  23.38 pesos / 1.346 pesos = 17.37 x

the p/e now all depends in how much is the total outstanding shares of TI 

hmmm ...

my tnx to blog reader legacy for some clarification ...