Sunday, May 12, 2013

a ym question: my tots on ism, bhi and apm (12 may 2013)

a reader's question via ym:
anyways, hingin ko lang tots mo sa ism, bhi and apm kung pwede:) 
sa blog mo na lang, para meron ding iba makabasa hehehe

my reply:

ism - it's essentially a banking stock at the moment ... with its 21.44% investment in pbcom ... price is entirely dependent on tired traders just waiting for a sell into strength price action .. this is a buy and hold stock for me ... altho i already sold my ism 4Q last year ... but will reenter should i have spare cash for a buy and forget investment ..

bhi - this is a genius stock ... im no fucking genius .. i stay away from this stock

apm - this is a buy and hold stock for me .. i have a few shares .. i guess i wont be selling until next year pa (but op kors ready to sell anytime should my stops get hit) ... im no chupaero genius .. will just wait for what happens when it becomes cosco chooochoo ..