Sunday, June 2, 2013

what i read today: Markets Ignore News And Rally (02 jun 2013)

"In life as in trading we always have decisions to make. Everyday whether you are at work or at a ball game you come across decisions. What should I eat for dinner, what movie do I want to see what route I should drive to work today. Your everyday life presents you with decisions and typically decisions made in haste or on emotion are usually wrong. However when you patiently think about and analyze your decision you have done so with thought and no emotion. Those decisions are typically the best.

"In trading we have the same problems decisions, decisions and decisions. When you take the emotions of fear and greed away from your trading decisions it allows you to think clearly and focus on the footprints of the market without emotion and haste. Success in trading comes to those who wait and follow their plan emotion free. If you have ever watched baseball you have seen and said to yourself how did that guy swing at that pitch. Of course the hitter has less than one second to make a decision. However the best hitters go to bat with a plan looking for a set up or one pitch if that one pitch shows they swing at it . Trading is the same thing we are looking for a set up we wont always hit it but we will be ready. Before you swing make sure it’s the pitch you want."

from: Markets Ignore News And Rally