Friday, January 20, 2012

The Ninja Stock Monitor

selected technical indicators of PSE-listed stocks
these are just my trading notes for my reference only
by no means are these to be taken by the reader as recommendations to buy or sell

c: closing price
s: support
r: resistance
vol: volume (+ above 5dma; - below 5dma)
dmi/adx: directional movement index/average directional index
macd: moving average convergence divergence
rsi: relative strength index
sts: stochastics
rem: remarks
(+): higher
(-): lower

20 January 2012 closing prices

agi (alliance global)

c: 11.38 (lower)
s: 11.36 (intraday low), 11.32, 11, 10.84
r:  11.50 (intraday high), 11.60
vol: -
dmi: +/32.17(+)
macd: > 0
macd histogram: > 0
macd histogram direction: - (down)
rsi: 66 (lower)
sts: 87.78 (lower)
rem: agi had a fantastic run the past week, reaching a high of 11.60 before finally closing the week @11.38. macd is slightly off its high, tho the rsi is still below overbought levels while sts is inching lower to the 80s. id still wait for one or two more candles to see where the doji two days ago is hinting agi will go. UBS has given agi a buy rating with a 12-month price target of 15 pesos.