Monday, January 23, 2012

my dark horse bets for 2012 (23 jan 2012)

2011 saw most of my dark horse bets rising to ceiling levels. sometimes it pays to be an early bird ... silently buying when no one is watching, silently waiting .. until the moment when the market decides the time for waiting is over and the time to reward patience is at hand .. and it unleashes the hunger and greed of the buyers into a buying frenzy ... thats when i obligingly sell my position i have patiently built over a long period of seeming nonactivity. by the way, i no longer have any position in the previously mentioned 2011 dark horse bets.

remaining on my list of dark horse bets are ca and prim.

ca has had 2 ceiling runs last year. however, these i deem as mere practice runs for the real thing which i speculate is still to come. im counting on a long shot possibility that ca could be a backdoor candidate to one of several subsidiaries of the ortigas holding company .. it may even be the backdoor vehicle for the ortigas holding company itself. who knows?

prim is my bet for a possible backdoor listing of another of mr. manny pangilinan's babies. it has already been rumoured before that prim is a possible backdoor candidate for tv5 and/or any of mr. pangilinan's media acquisitions (newspapers, radio stations, etc).

my choice of ca and prim has no fundamental nor technical basis. just like my previous dark horse bets, they are purely based on speculative hunch/analysis of possible future price action.

happy chinese new year to all! may the year of the dragon be richly rewarding for all of us traders.

note: this entry has been updated ... see: my dark horse bets for 2012 (updated)