Wednesday, January 25, 2012

today's log

agi - big red candle; down 28 cents; macd and histogram still both above 0 but histogram is declining; rsi declining; stochs gave a sell signal .. 11 pesos should be a good support level. chart is not a good sight to look at .. however im not selling my agi ... yet.

fdc - added a few more fdc's today .. in addition to the position established at the 3.41-3.44 levels last week. nice price action today .. tho lots of previous week's buyers already started selling their shares this morning. selling fdc is not in my cards as yet.

glo - another big red candle; macd is about to give a sell signal; both rsi and stochs gave a sell signal. wont be looking at glo for sometime to come.

scc - 230 seems to be a tough resistance to breach; macd still improving .. waiting for the buy signal

secb - feels good secb lost a lot today hehe. it closed @110 .. lower than where i sold my last batch a few days ago based on my overbought reading of the stock. hoping it falls some more below 110 in the coming days.