Saturday, October 20, 2012

non-stok tots: mushrooms (20 oct 2012)

was watching talk tv the other day with my mom and there was this feature about mushrooms being beneficial to breast cancer patients (not those shrooms oks? .. btw ... i heard that u can trip on mushrooms growing on the ebak of carabaos in boracay island?  hehehe .. i heard lang .. i dont even know if there are carabaos there)... anyways ... in the tv feature ... the mushrooms are being bottled with tomato sauce and sold as pasta sauce ... my mom commented that she wants to try them ... well i replied that the pasta that ive been cooking sometimes has mushrooms ..

so this morning i did my simple version of penne al funghi con pork and beans for breakfast just to remind her she's been tripping on mushroms all along already hehe ..