Friday, October 12, 2012

stok tots: will CLOUD benefit from the sale of ipcdsi to epldt?? (12 oct 2012)

on 12 oct 2012, pldt (tel) disclosed that its wholly owned subsidiary, epldt, and ip ventures agreed for the purchase by epldt .. of ip venture's subsidiary ... ipcdsi ...

in a stock market forum, it was mentioned that CLOUD will benefit from the sale ... 

however, when i read the disclosure ... nowhere can i find any mention of CLOUD, the pse listed firm .. it only mentions IP Ventures ... which is the present owner of IPCDS .. after CLOUD sold IPCDS to IP Ventures .. see the CLOUD disclosure dated 15 may 2012:

i think CLOUD the pse-listed company has nothing to do with the epldt -ipvi deal .. CLOUD is no longer a company under the gonzales' ownership ... see the CLOUD disclosure dated 19 june 2012:

i dont expect any disclosure from the new owners of CLOUD except maybe to clarify that they are not involved in the transaction

op kors .. i can always be wrong ..