Monday, October 8, 2012

The Ninja Stock Monitor (vll, 08 oct 2012)

selected technical indicators of PSE-listed stocks 

these are my trading notes for my reference only 
by no means are these to be taken by the reader as recommendations to buy or sell

c: closing price
s: support
r: resistance
vol: volume (+ above 5dma; - below 5dma)
macd: moving average convergence divergence
rsi: relative strength index
sts: stochastics
rem: remarks
unch: unchanged 
(+): higher
(-): lower

08 oct 2012 closing prices 

vll (vista land and landscapes)

c: 4.79 (+)
s: 4.75
r:  4.85
vol: (-)
macd: > 0
macd histogram: < 0
macd histogram direction:(+)
rsi: 62.07(+)
sts: 57.11(+)
rem: rsi and sts now pointing north ... macd histogram changed direction today ...closely monitor for a possible initial entry position .. set stoploss

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