Monday, November 9, 2015

question and answer: MIC/MINERALES INDUSTRIAS CORP. (09 nov 2015)

i received this queston just a while ago ... yes .. im also shoyu_ramen of finance manila .. ;)

hi shoyu... it's me again. what do you think of MIC? are you still holding?do you have any TP since this stock has no more resistance?di ba, just let profits run is the best strategy here?thanks in advance!

 my reply:

i still have mic .. i bought it several breakouts ago ... i have no tp as always .. well if ur a trend follower .. u just follow .. so u sell when ur stops are hit .. yep .. let profits run ..but another option is to sell half of ur position if u want to protect profits na or there is another stock u want to fund .. still ur call (im not that strict on myself in following my rules) ..