Thursday, May 12, 2016

CAMFROG ADVENTURES (2): Regulars in the Website - continuing (07 apr 2016 - )

as i become familiar with how camfrog works ... ive come to recognize some regulars in some of the sites i visit ... (this will be a continuing article ... adding to the entries as i go along)

1. room: motel_ni_nyeta (filipino)

username: pinkeppermint/pinkpaminra/madam-damin/yaya-manin/peps

she is an employee in some days inn office ... west coast possibly (?) .. appears clothed in formal attire ,,, mostly one piece dresses down to below the knees (pang ofis) ... most of the time ofis work ginagawa nya ...  but once she enters the ofis cr .. she lifts her dress and lo and behold .. potah wala panty ang hitad! she appears mostly mornings (filipino time) ,, nakikita ko daily .. twenties sya ... chats with other chatters

well now (17 april 2016) she appears in some days inn uniform .... in pants! bummer!

usernme: kuma/buy me a panty/string attached/manunubo

madaldal ... cute ...  nakikipagusap sa mga chatters ... hindi mo akalain na hubadera  ..  malaki joga ... pierced yun tongue ..  twenty five na daw sya (mukhang teens pa lang)... may glasses ..

2. room: room private dewasa (indonesian)

username: ciiza

potah okey siya .. she appears most of the time nude ... masturbating (zoom sa puke lang) ... sa bahay .... di ko pa nakitang nakadamit .. once bottom ng bikini lang ang suot ..  pero sa tagal ng pagbabate nya ... minsan tingin recording e ... daily ko nakikita ... twenties sya ... chats wih other chatters .. obviously indonesian .. hindi marunong mag tagalog

3. room: sagad na sagad (filipino)

username: Humairrah/TLU/Nur

appears mostly mornings .. mga 7 a.m. ... you can catch her changing into her muslim garb ... yeps .. muslim sya .. she is in brunei ... - pero before turning into her muslim persona .. potah makikita mo malalaki joga nya ... yeps .. suso malalaki .. i dont know what is in their moslem faith regarding nudity ... pero suso malalaki makikita habang nagpapalit sya ng damit into her formal musim all-covered look ... i saw her in the afternoon once ... mga 5 p.m. ... naka regular girl get up na .. pinapakita cleavage nya ..  late teens to early twenties sya malamang .. sometimes chats with other chatters

appeared saturday (09 april 2016) afternoon .. naka parang tube (sa sobrang laki ng suso .. parang tube na yun suot nya) .. leggings ..

username: Fujiko San/Carpe Diem

di ko alam kung may pasok sya or may trabaho .. pero most of the time when i visit the sagad chatroom ,,, morning or afternoon ... nandun sya .. naka shorts and plunging t-shirt ... pinaka malaki boobs na siguro nakita ko so far sa camfrog ... may tattoo sa upper left part ng katawan .. above the heart ... some japanese characters ... goes nude from time to time ... thirties na siguro . .. chats with other chatters ..

fujiko did a copol tonight (07 april 2016) but went off cam when the more interesting things started happening (potah me pa privacy pa kunoh.. leche)

username: almost_perfect01

havent seen her face ... saw her just this evening taking a shower (07 april 2016) ..

username: jlian

first time i took notice of her (10 april 2016) .. .. appears in copol .. great fucking .. first time i saw a reverse cow girl position on cam .... then she did a doogie ... then a woman on top ...

just regular faces .. never saw her boobs ... but got a good hard on here ......

mejo matagal kantutan nila ... sa labas nilabasan ... alttho di ko alam kung nag O sya ...

and tanghaling tapat nag copol hahaha ..

username: Maria_lisa

whats remarkable with her is that she showed her pubes even when it was her period ... yep .. she showed her pussy with her bloodied napkin still attached to her panties ... hahaha (12 may 2016)

4. room: malibog

username: Pandecoco

a crowd favorite .... never fails to put up a good show ... wears a sando and bikini panties ... eventually nothing ... twenties .. always chats wth other chatters

5. room: Sincity

username: Jaica

never saw her face .... seen her at least twice na ..  from sampaloc daw ... no bf ... just seen her in bra and panties ... well .. she showed her nipples ... pero somehow i like her ...

6. room: YedLaewYim (Thailand)

username: O_nana

never saw her face also ... not remarkable body ... but she masturbates for the longest time ... she masturbates not for show ... but for the O

7.  room: Certified Manyak

username: Certified_Jaica06_12

sexy ... saw her a few times na ...

8. Copols

ive never encountered yet a copol (a male and a female doing coitus --- yeah .. a couple) who had a repeat performance some other day ... once lang lagi ... most of the time thirties na yung girl .... with flabs na .. pero potak .. kantutan pa den yan .. hehehe ... yung isang girl lang na sexy talaga is pretty law .. i saw her na several times alone .. pero once .. she went on cam with a partner .. mashing her boobs (meron pa sya damet) but went off cam soon afterwards na ... itinuloy na nila siguro ng wala kami (hu hu hu)

*these are just my observations while watching CAMFROG online ...