Thursday, May 19, 2016

stok tots: why i sold my gtcap, jfc and secb (19 may 2016)

recently, i sold gtcap (last tuesday), jfc (yesterday) and secb (today) ..

why did i sell those stocks one after the other?

well for the simple reason that their macd histograms are already on the decline after peaking ...

1. gtcap (bought 1350; sold 1443, 1444)

2. jfc (bought 220; sold 235)

3. secb (bought 165 - 170; sold 192)

it may be asked, if i am following the macd histogram as an indicator, why did i sell immediately after they peaked when there is no sell signal yet? well. it is because i am not following the sell signal of the macd histogram! i sell ahead ... i sell once the macd histogram starts its descent from its peak, not when the sell signal first appears in the macd indicator system (which may appear further down the road .. but at a lower price already) ..

but what if the price immediately reverses and resumes its ascent? there's the rub, but then, ill just wait for the macd histogram to be in the "proper" position before i buy the stock again ... or just look for another stock which fits my requirements.