Saturday, May 21, 2016

stok tots: i finally got my acr mining corp property dividends! (21 may 2016)

i finally got my acr mining corporation property dividends. i got it yesterday (20 may 2016) from the alsons office in chino roces in magallanes ...

mejo hustle pa .. kasi i got to the alsons office at 2.30 p,m.  i was at the gate at the guards area ... they called the lady in charge of handing out the stock divs thru their phone ... it so happened that the lady was in a meeting ... so i was asked to wait in the guards area .. pota .. ganun pala dun .. sa guards area pinag hihintay yun stockhodlers ng company nila puking ina talaga ..  a few minutes went by then a messenger from some company came .. and he was also after the property divs ...  and same as me ... he was asked to wait in the guards area ... by 3.30 .. atat na atat na ako .. i asked the guard to call again ... this time ... i was allowed to go in ... 3rd floor daw ...  pota .. pwede naman pala mag hintay sa reception area dun sa 3rd floor ..  the lady was still in the meeting ... but another lady went out of their meeting room to accommodate me ..  maliit lang naman acrmc prop divs ko .. but the lady said ... "wow .. ang laki pala ng hawak nyo sir!" .. i was asked to sign many papers .. one of which was a list of owners of the prop divs .. pota .. meron dun 7 digits ang pagaari na prop divs .. sino kaya yun? anyways .. i signed everything that was to be signed .. showed my i.d.s .. and .. yun na .. i am a proud owner of the prop divs ..

now the interesting question is this .. ano gagawin ko sa stock certificates? (2 certificates kasi i used two of my brokers to buy acr .. the mother company of which acrmc was the prop divs) ... acrmc is not listed .. and i dont know how much is the prop divs worth?

well .. i hope alsons will eventually list acrmc in the pse  ... and i hope their tampakan mines gets folded in to acrmc ... pota that will be the day!

p.s.:  fridays lang sila nagbibigay ng property divs ... so friday next week na ulet!

For more information, please call:

Ms. Belinda Miguel
Prime Stock Transfer Services Inc.
Alsons Bldg.,
2286 Chino Roces Avenue