Saturday, March 25, 2017

stok tots: a question from a beginner (25 MAR 2017)

heres a question from a beginner ... and my response ...

OK Sir Shoyu, thanks for your great advice. Yun muna ang susundin ko for now.

Di talaga ko trend follower, I really have a little knowledge about stock trading. I didnt check my account for about 6 months since August. But i decided now na magbuy and sell ng stocks and not the long term way.

I also decided to learn more about stock trading.

Napakaraming charts to choose pero di ko alam ang best na dapat gamitin. So far ang lagi ko lang tinitignan is yung MACD, RSI, and Volume and the candle stick graph to follow the trend.

Any recommendation where should i start. Or anything na dapat ko unahin aralin para gumaling sa pag trade.

Thanks in advance so pagsagot.

P.S. I always check your Shoyu's Ramen House post and back read sometimes. I see a lot of people respect your advice and insights kaya sayo ko lagi magtatanong...

welcome to stock trading ..

im a trend follower .. so obviously what i say comes from a trend following perspective ...

i let the others tell about their systems .. 

pero masasabi ko lang ...

simple lang ang trading ... and for me the MACD will be it ...

kalokohan yan RSI ... pandadgdag lang yan sa indicators na di naman pakikinabangan ..

if you ask me .. just study the MACD ..

and hindi nga buong macd ginagamit ko .. yun histogram lang .. anyways ... yun lang ..

if you have further questions ... fire away! ..

good luck! 8)