Saturday, November 24, 2012

non-stok tots: late friday night quiz (23 nov 2012)

late friday night quiz:

late friday night quiz question no. 1:  what does it mean ... when u tell a girl u love her ... and her reply does not include: "i love u too?"

answer: ur too dense if u still dont know the answer ...

late friday night quiz question no.2:  what does it mean ...  when u havent seen a girl for quite sometime coz shes busy with work and studies ... and u ask her what she's doing tonight ... and she txts u that shes going home immediately after skul ... then next txt .... she tells u that her cousins called and she's meeting them pala for a late friday night movie?

answer: well fuck u .. u not only fail this 2-question test ... ur too stupid to still hang around with that girl if u dont get it after the first quiz question