Friday, November 23, 2012

stok tots: PNB (22 nov 2012)

question:  when is the best time to have ur coffee during trading hours?

answer:  definitely not when PNB is freefalling from 89 to 78!

but thats exactly what my broker was doing ... as i called to confirm whether he already executed my sell order for pnb which i sent via sms/txt (since i havent seen yet via the ticker that my order has been done) ... he was in the pse cafeteria pa pala taking his sweet time drinking coffee with his fellow brokers ... he says he did not receive my txt message and even had the genius question: bakit kaya binabato yung pnb? when he should be more informed than i in matters like these since he is already there on the trading floor where tips and rumours originate! ... haaaayyy!