Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 .. the year that was ... (31 dec 2012)

three things i will never ever forget from 2012

1. 2012 was the year i felt i really made it as a stock trader ... nope .. i did not make a killing enough for me to retire on for the rest of my life ... it was the year i got investigated on by the sec for three possible violations of the securities code for a series of trades i did in 2011 (fraud ... price manipulation .. and one other thing i forget na) ... for almost eight months i felt that the sword of damocles was about to fall on me ..  until i received a letter from the sec telling me that their findings indicate that i did not violate the provisions of the code that they are investigating me on and that they are closing my case ... whew ... it was a strange feeling trading during those months ... i got paranoid ... and was always anxious ... i had to carefully review all my planned trades for compliance with the code before i had them executed by my broker ... and it was not a nice feeling to think that i may eventually pay a fine or even go to jail for simply making a living trading stocks ... anyways ...  tapus na yun ... credit goes to my broker who provided me the moral support to just continue on and not letting the investigation affect my focus ... and also to two lady lawyer friends familiar with trading, the pse and the sec ..  they kept me sane and thinking logical the entire time ...iba talaga pag babae (op kors both from my skul) ... and i sincerely hope i wont ever face another similar experience in the future ..

2. i got sidelined last september by dengue ... quite a scare i had then .. my platelet level went to as low as 16 ... i tot it was my end already ... 21 bags of some other guy's plasma got infused in my arm .. one positive thing with my bout with the mosquito tho .. now i know how i can enjoy the benefits of a private room at st luke's yet pay lower room rates ... hehe .. shet .. ang babata ng mga nurse .. tnx also to my internist and hematologist for keeping me alive ...

3. i fell in love and got broken hearted .. i still am .. in love ... and broken hearted ... sigh ..

good bye 2012!