Monday, July 29, 2013

just charts: LC/LEPANTO CONSOLIDATED MINING A (29 jul 2013)

lc chart as of 29 jul 2013 
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1. lc surged 25% up on a disclosure that the consent of the tribal population has been secured for the isuance of a Financial or Technical Assistance Agreement (FTAA) to the lc project with goldfields AG ... closing @its intraday high of 69 cents ... just a centavo short of the psychological 70 cents  resistance...

2. the macd and sts are both rising ... the sts not yet oberbot ...

3. a possible continuation of the upward momentum may bring lc higher to break the 70 centavo psych res and continue on to the next resistance @82 centavos ... however ... high volatility may be expected as very short term traders may already be starting to take profits tomoro to take advantage of their t+3 privileges from their brokers... 

4. just reentered lc today after a long absence (sold lc early last year @ around the 1.60 levels) ... im just adjusting my stops and letting my profits run ... possibly consider adding some more if and when the 82 cents resistance is broken ..

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