Friday, July 19, 2013

question and answer: what do u think? (19 jul 2013)


Hi xxx, Im currently looking at MBT,EW and MEG as possible buys as i feel they still have good valuations compared to peers, would you agree sir? :(

my reply:

these are just my opinion ok?

mbt .. haha .. pa sell na ako e .. im just waiting for the ex-divs date .. im more into gtcap than mbt .. but mbt i agree is still ok ... among the cheapest in the banking sector pa .. i think xxx securities and xxx have good words for mbt .. 124 yata target nila ... altho i dont use targets when i trade ...

ew ... i think xxx in a recent report said it does not like ew .. giving it a target price 24 ... i dont know .. nung 18-19 pa sya i was ok with ew .. pero i eventually sold it .. im not looking at ew at the moment ...

meg ... is every chupitero's favorite .. volatile sya intraday for an intraday trader to profit from daily ... pero di ko lang sya type talaga .. na breach nya 3.40 resistance.. next res is 3.44, 3.50, 3.60 then 3.65 yung top of the present range...

great trades! good times!